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Our Ragdolls

Let me introduce to you our Briadolls ragdolls.  

 Our Kings!


   We have a new boy named Captain Jack Sparrow.  He's a blue point mitted carrying chocolate handsome boy. 


  Here's another new addition, Hunter.  He's a seal mitted sepia.  A special thanks to Tamie at Ridgeview Ragdolls.

  Sebastian - our lilac bi-color handsome male.

  Our Queens!

  Lola - a chocolate point  

   Our Sasha (lilac colorpoint)



  Our Ava, a seal mink ragdoll (carries chocolate).


  This is Isabella, a seal colorpoint.

This beautiful girl is Coco Chanel, a solid chocolate and white (carries cinnamon).


  This gorgeous girl is Tessa, a solid lilac. 


  Our newest princess in training!  This is Lady Godiva "Diva", a solid chocolate ragdoll.

  This is Ella, a seal mink bicolor cutie.  Her parents are our Ava and Sebastian.

 Our newest girl, Uptown Girl.  She is a rare cinnamon lynx point.  Special thanks to Sharon Steadman for trusting me with her beautiful girl.  We are looking forward to producing some beautiful cinnamon point and solid ragdolls!

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