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Our Ragdolls

Let me introduce to you our Briadolls ragdolls.  

 Our Kings!


   We have a new boy named Captain Jack Sparrow.  He's a blue point mitted carrying chocolate handsome boy. 


  Here's another new addition, Hunter.  He's a seal mitted sepia.  A special thanks to Tamie at Ridgeview Ragdolls.


  Our Queens!

  This is Isabella, a seal colorpoint.

This beautiful girl is Coco Chanel, a solid chocolate and white (carries cinnamon).



  Uptown Girl.  She is a rare cinnamon lynx point.  Special thanks to Sharon Steadman for trusting me with her beautiful girl.  We are looking forward to producing some beautiful cinnamon point and solid ragdolls!


 Our gorgeous blue point girl Sapphire.  She's the daughter of our Sasha and Captain Jack Sparrow.


 This is our newest princess in training, Cinna Bun.  She's an adorable solid cinnamon.  She's the daughter of our Coco Chanel.

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